Questions Parents Can Ask Children while Reading Aloud

Parents should start to develop children’s high-level thinking skills as early as possible.
Appropriate questioning is one of the best methods of promoting children’s advanced cognitive skills.
However, not all questions are of the same value for developing children’s thinking.
Some questions are relatively easy to answer, require mainly good memory and comprehension skills.
Other questions may require more intellectual effort from the child. Consequently, they are more beneficial for children’s critical thinking skills and reasoning.

In the previous blog post, I described Bloom’s Taxonomy which can be employed to design high-quality questions. Today, I want to show you some questions parents can be asked while reading to a child ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.
It is just an example to illustrate questioning based on Bloom’s Taxonomy in practice.

The level of questioning will depend on the child’s age and development. Don’t start with challenging questions.
Don’t ask too many questions while reading. Let the child enjoy the story. Ask more questions after the story.
Don’t force the child to give you the answer you would like to hear. Accept an alternative point of view on the story.



Who did Little Red Riding Hood visit in the story?
Why was Little Red Riding Hood going to her Grandmother’s house?
What does Little Red Riding Hood take to her Grandmother?
Who does she see in the forest?


In your own words, what happened in the story?
What do you think is the main theme in the story?
Name the characters in the story.
Describe the forest Little Red Riding Hood walked through.
Explain why Little Red Riding Hood was late getting to her Grandmother’s house?


What weapon would you use to fight with a wolf?
What questions would you ask the Grandma to make sure it was her?
What elements would you choose to change the story and make it more interesting?
What would you do if you realised it was not a Grandmother but the wolf?
What would you differently if you were Little Red Riding Hood?
What advice would you give Little Red Riding Hood if you met her in the forest?
How do you think she felt as she walked through the woods?


What evidence can you find that the wolf was a bad character?
How did picking blueberries affect Little Red Riding Hood’s fate?
Why was it dark in the woods?
How could the story have been different if Little Red Riding Hood listened to her mum?


Do you agree with her actions?
What is your opinion of Little Red Riding Hood?
What would you recommend to children walking alone in the forest?
Do you think Little Red Riding Hood was gullible? Why?
Would you say the wolf was a ‘baddie’?
How does Little Red Riding Hood feel after the woodcutter saved her?
What do you think the lesson of this story is?
What would happen if  Little Red Riding Hood’s mother had gone with her?
Do you think what the woodcutter did to the wolf was justified?
Could this story happen in real life? Why not?
Judge whether Little Red Riding Hood behave acceptably?
How would you explain Little Red Riding Hood behaviour in the forest?


How would you improve the story?
Can you propose an alternative ending?
If you were Little Red Riding Hood how would you persuade the wolf not to eat you?
If you wrote this story, what would be the ending?